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Terms and Conditions

1) No medical requirements.

2) Thekwini Funeral Centre reserves the right to this policy to carry out all funeral arrangements. Should you choose another undertaker, all funds will be forfeited and there will be no refunds or re-imbursements.

3) Should you choose a coffin other than the one specified under the benefits of this policy then the difference in the cost must be paid in advance by the person/s who makes the request for a more expensive coffin.

4) If member is obese, extra costs will incur upon family since there may be a need for a larger than normal coffin.

5) Policy provides a two pole marquee and 100 chairs in the Phoenix/Verulam area only. An amount of R300 will be given towards the above if the funeral is out of Phoenix/Verulam area. Should you not require a marquee, there will be no refund.

6) There will be a choice of burial place or crematorium. Should you want to reopen an existing family grave site, the costs incurred will be made by you and the Cemetery concerned. If it’s a new grave, undertaker and family goes half and half with the burial fees.

7) In the event of a death, any branch of Thekwini Funeral Centre must be contacted immediately. Only Thekwini Funeral Centre Consultants will carry out all funeral arrangements.

8) Funerals will be carried out within a 60km radius. There will be an extra cost for any distance beyond this radius. We must be notified of a change of address.

9) Premium only increase as per age. No age restrictions on policy. We only cover biological children.

10) When the dependent reaches twenty one (21) years of age, they automatically off from the policy.

11) There will be a six (6) month waiting period from the date of inception for deaths through natural causes and a one (1) year waiting period for AIDS, Cancer, T.B. and who joins the policy or takes out the policy at the age of 64 years. You will not be entitled to any benefits in the event of death is through suicide, HOWEVER, there will be no waiting period in the event of death through accident.

12) All hospitals including doctor’s and B.I. 1663 will be to the cost/liability of the family. The undertaker is not responsible for any B.I. 1663 and doctors fees.

13) Cover will lapse if three (3) months in arrears. No claims will be honoured for member or dependants. Should you decide to cancel policy there will be no refunds since these policies provide a service and does not accumulate a cash value.

14) You may pay monthly premium in advance should you choose to do so. However the six (6) months waiting period still applies. You can pay your premiums at any branch of T.F.C.

15) POPIA Act – All personal information is kept confidential and is not shared with no one, nor is there any theft or damage to personal information.